seriousxsarcasm asked: "lol, it's still a lot like Hannibal/Will, but in a different way. You'll see when you read it. Tom is still all kinds of Dark-and-Evil (yayyyyy, :D), but he's trying to help Harry in his own way, if that makes any sense. I dunno, I'm a terrible explainer person. Reeeead, I need more people to obsess about this pairing with. XDDD"

Hahaha, awww <3 Gosh, don’t u just love them tho. xD I can understand your feels very much, friend. Imma read it to-dAY. Promise. (> u <)

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seriousxsarcasm asked: "I've been reading Butterfly Heart too! It leans very heavily on the Hannibal storyline, but her characterizations are so spot-on, that it doesn't feel like a copy, if that makes any sense. Harry is a criminal profiler working for the Aurors, Riddle is some well-to-do psychologist brought in to try and keep Harry from falling apart, and Voldemort is a serial killer Harry is sorta in charge of capturing (because of their connection). It's all kinds of creepy, really, but pretty awesome all around."

That really does sound good. I think I’ll definitely have to give it a try now. Thanks for the review. :) Even though I was little wary at first, it sounds very intriguing on how the dynamic could work - something that I could easily see to be very good with the Tom/Harry relationship. But at the same time not completely like Will and Hannibal’s. :D 

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99.999% of the problems with this show have nothing to do with the fact that Korra isn’t Aang. 

The have to do with the fact that 

  • Female characters no longer have agency
  • Female characters no longer interact with each other
  • Female characters (namely Lin and Asami) are being downplayed to shill Mako
  • Big issues (like the whole Equalist movement/Korra’s Spirituality) are dropped as soon as the villain starts twirling his mustache.
  • Romance is the only inter-character interaction we have and the characters don’t develop on their own
  • Korra is a secondary character in her own show and has had her agency stolen by her uncle and father
  • Korra has not developed in nine hours of screen time
  • Characters are being written out of character for no reason/to advance the plot
  • Villains are hamfisted and lack human nuance
  • Romance is clumsy and poorly written
  • The writers have “violent” and “headstrong” mixed up
  • Needless love triangles
  • The plot has no urgency and is all over the place
  • Abusive relationships are being played for laughs
  • Eska has no character outside her incredibly abusive relationship with Bolin
  • Desna has no character at all
  • The only character that acts in character and in accordance with any reasonable motivation is Varrick. Fucking Varrick

Stop trucking out the “It’s not A:TLA!” argument because nobody wants it to be. There are a hundred things wrong with the show that have nothing to do with the fact that there are different characters on screen. 

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harry potter character tropes → Harry James Potter

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marvolocriss asked: "It's too bad you don't like Grey!Harry because there's this absolutely gorgeous tomarry fic called 'Their Verdict of Vagaries', maybe you'd want to check it out anyway? I think it's extremely IC despite that. Also, have you read 'Twist of Fate' by FirePhoenix8? And anything by Paimpont is amazing!"

I know~ x( I think it’s usually due to the fact that I find it a little depressing since Harry would have to push away his friends and his Hogwarts family if he went down that dark and winding path of the Grey/Dark!Harry.

For example, I recently read a fic called ‘Painted Veil' which was a funny, lovely, entertaining, and bittersweet one-shot (I would recommend it to others actually, although it was not my cup of tea.) but then it got to the end and I was just like… 
Harry, how could you let that happen?? And that’s how I got my first taste of a Darkish!Harry. So, therefore, I have been a little cautious ever since haha. (Idk, I’m a sucker for the sappy, happy, goody-two-shoes Harry & Co. I can be a bit naive like that.)

But! If you really recommend it, I will try and give ‘Their Verdict of Vagaries' a read. See where it takes me… 

And I was just doing some fic hunting today when I came across ‘Twist of Fate’! It’s in my bookmarks folder right now and I can’t wait to read it - it seems promising~ :D <33 And thanks so much for the recs, btw! I had started ‘To Kill You With a Kiss' by Paimpont, actually. I'm not sure what happened to that… I think I may have gotten distracted looking for more tomarry stuff probably. xP

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Anonymous asked: "One aspect of the post you made in the Tomarry tag offended me but whatever. You never said your opinion on no magic AU's but if you like them I recommend anything written by rightonthelimit."

I’m really sorry to hear that! I can assure you, I didn’t mean to push or judge any opinions. If I may, can I ask what in particular offended you? I have no problems whatsoever with AU - they’re fantastic, actually. 
But again, I apologize if I may have snubbed or spouted something that put down what other people may like. The post was only meant to convey what I personally liked to see in a Tomarry ship. (Of course, my word is not law and I’m sorry if it came out that way! :S) And I’m also a huge fan of Rightonthelimit’s stuff. <3 I’ve just about scoured and read most of her work. :) So thank you for the recommendation. xx

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grrhatlet asked: "Wow! You like virtually every single factor of Tomarry that I do! I'd be happy to hook you up, what types of fics are you looking for? (Some good sources are "Rightonthelimit" and "The Fictionist", and A Snake Named Voldemort is my absolute favorite). Simply "ask" me any fic you've read and I'm sure I can dig up something knew (I can be a real mole with a pairing I like). See you soon!"

Woohoo, hook this bitch up! xD And it’s funny you should mention Rightonthelimit’s work because I have almost read every single one of her fics! Haha, they’re quite brilliant. My favourite so far has been 'All Of Your Heart' and it is deliciously long. MMmmhmhm. x) I read almost all of it in a matter of two days. You can imagine how devastated I was to come to the end of it and realize it was still a WIP! Needless to say, I had no idea what to do with myself after that, lol.

I’ve been told there is not a lot of exclusively romantic Tom/Harry stuff from The Fictionist, though. But I was going to still try and give her fic Fate’s Favourite another go. :) However, I don’t think I’ll give that 'A Snake Named Voldemort' a read, only because it goes against almost everything on the list I made. (> x <);; But I’ll definitely be inbox-ing you soon with what I’ve read and liked so far!

I wish I was as good a mole at trying to find stuff for a particular ship, but this is my first OTP (well, second if you count Mordred/Merlin - but I’m not too devastated about not finding any stuff for them) that isn’t a popular ship and I am a bit lost at sea! There was always an abundance of stuff for ships like Johnlock or Spirk so I never really had to try and search that hard or deep, haha. 

But here: have an awkward Voldy hug in the meantime while I scour my small archive of fics I’ve read  -

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